About Us

We are a team of Scientists, Engineers, Chemists and Clinicians who are committed and working towards the common goal.

“To develop ErleaDx’s mirLung detector to spot lung cancer early and improve patient outcome”

Lung cancer is a difficult disease to treat when symptoms presents as it is likely to be at an advanced stage. However, if it’s detected early, treatment may be more likely to work.

Lung Cancer is not just a smoker’s disease. The incidence of non-smokers has increased steadily since 1990. One U.S. study found a twofold increase in NSCLC from 2001 to 2013; a United Kingdom study found lung cancer rates in never-smokers rose from 13% to 28% over a 6-year period. Experts suggested that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, radon, air pollution, diet, and genetic factors may contribute to higher lung cancer rates in never-smokers.

79% of the lung cancer cases in the UK can be preventable

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