Early Detection Saves Lives


To develop high quality and affordable blood tests to capture lung cancer at its most curative stage.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death. The majority of patients have advanced incurable disease at diagnosis. Screening smokers with low dose CT scans reduces lung cancer mortality but 60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are not eligible for screening.

There is currently no blood test or biological marker of lung cancer in clinical use. The development of a blood test that could improve screening selection or early detection especially in those not eligible for screening could have a transformational clinical impact.

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Benefits of a blood-based test for early lung cancer detection


The gold standard for lung cancer screening is Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT). The false positive rate of LDCT scan can be as high as 96% as reported in clinical trial studies. Our test can significantly reduce the false positive rate. This reduces the need of unnecessary lung biopsies and unwanted anxiety.

Cost Effective

With our highly accurate test, healthcare costs can be greatly reduced. Biopsy is invasive and may result in complications such collapsing of lungs or infection. The average cost of false positives is US$3, 784 for lung biopsy and US$37, 745 for complications per patient in the US.

Minimize radiation exposure

Blood test is non-invasive and can be done conveniently at any clinics or screening centers. An accurate blood test not only reduces unwanted biopsy, it also minimizes unnecessary frequent LDCT scans thereby reducing radiation exposure especially for patients with indeterminate pulmonary nodules.

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